Outdoor Audio

Elevate your outdoor living space for entertainment with our Outdoor Audio options.

Welcome to Your Lumenex Outdoor Audio Experience

Unleash the potential of your outdoor spaces with our top-of-the-line audio systems. We’re proud to offer a curated selection of the industry’s finest from brands like TruAudio, Sonance, and Wet Sounds. Transform your backyard, patio, or pool area into a dynamic auditory experience that’s perfect for entertaining or simply unwinding after a long day.

TruAudio: Sound That Transcends

Experience sound as it’s meant to be heard with TruAudio’s high-quality, durable outdoor speakers. TruAudio’s weather-resistant speakers deliver pristine audio quality that effortlessly enriches any outdoor setting. From hidden landscape speakers that blend seamlessly into your garden to powerful patio speakers, TruAudio offers solutions that are as visually unobtrusive as they are acoustically impressive. With TruAudio, your outdoor spaces become an immersive soundscape.

Sonance: Harmonize Your Outdoors

Sonance takes your outdoor audio experience to new heights. With their innovative design and superior sound quality, Sonance’s outdoor speakers provide a seamless blend of aesthetics and performance. Whether it’s their landscape series designed to integrate beautifully into outdoor spaces, or their extreme weather outdoor speakers that offer incredible durability without sacrificing audio quality, Sonance delivers an unmatched outdoor audio experience. Enhance your outdoor living spaces with Sonance, and let the sound flow as freely as the open air.

Wet Sounds: Make Waves with Your Sound

Take your outdoor entertainment to the next level with Wet Sounds’ marine and outdoor audio systems. Designed with high-performance audio technology, Wet Sounds’ products are built to withstand the toughest outdoor elements while providing crisp, clear, and immersive sound. Perfect for boats, pool areas, or beachfront properties, Wet Sounds ensures your outdoor gatherings have the perfect soundtrack, no matter the conditions.

Why Choose Lumenex?

Lumenex will be your home to all event lighting needs, and our team will be there with you at every step to ensure no loopholes go unattended. Here is all we offer through our impeccable event lighting services.

Professional and Innovative Team

All of our team members are creative to the best of their potential. From visualizing a lighting concept to executing it with installation, they will be dedicated throughout the project. 

Affordable Pricing

We don’t want you to compromise on the visual appeal of the venue on your special day in terms of price. Therefore, we have a reasonable price quote for our event lighting services based on various parameters. 

Safe Installation Practices

At times, when the crowd around the venue is too tight throughout the day, the installation of lights might pose specific electrical hazards. Our team will ensure to assist the crowd by instructing them on safety measures while we take care of all potential risk factors. 

Event lighting is the charm that adds glam to your celebrations. Good lighting, an outstanding venue and systematic execution of all other preparations would make your party successful. With Lumenex, you don’t have to worry about the visual décor of the venue anymore! Get in touch today. 

The Right Light Can Make Anything Extraordinary.
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