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When it comes to outdoor spaces, lighting can make all the difference. That’s why Lumenex is on a mission to transform your backyard in Annapolis, MD with the perfect landscape lighting solutions. Our team of experts knows just how important it is to have functional yet stylish outdoor lighting that sets the perfect ambiance for your hangouts. Lumenex is all about delivering top-notch design and energy efficiency, so you can enjoy your outdoor space while reducing your carbon footprint. From updating an old setup to creating a cutting-edge lighting solution, Lumenex has got your back. Say goodbye to dimly-lit outdoor spaces and hello to the perfect lighting solution that will make your yard the envy of your neighbors.

Are you looking for a landscape lighting pro who truly gets you? Look no further than Lumenex! Our services go way beyond just throwing up some lights outside. We’re passionate about crafting unique lighting experiences that perfectly match your lifestyle and vision, from creating safe walkways to setting the right mood for your garden, patio, or building exterior. And with a wide range of lighting options (including energy-saving LED), we’re confident we can create something truly special just for you. So why not make Lumenex your go-to outdoor lighting professional and let us light up your world with our unique sense of style?

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Our Landscape Lighting Services in Annapolis, MD


Residential Outdoor Lighting

At Lumenex, we effortlessly install all types of low voltage outdoor lighting using various techniques on any surface. Our certified and experienced team is dedicated to bringing beauty and elegance to each home we work on.


Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is super important for making commercial buildings look and work better. With a strategically design lighting plan, you can show off your building’s style and make sure everyone feels safe and secure.


Outdoor Landscape Audio

Outdoor audio turns your backyard into a serene and blissful hangout spot. Our weatherproof systems offer tons of options, letting you customize and aim top-notch audio for maximum enjoyment.


Event Lighting

Planning an unforgettable event? Lumenex can make it happen with our awesome custom event lighting designs and installations. Our creative team will work with you and your event planners to nail the perfect vibe you’re after.


Wedding Lighting

When it comes to wedding decorations, lighting plays a major role. It needs to be set up perfectly to illuminate the space, showcasing the magic of your special day. Lumenex Outdoor Lighting has you covered in your big day.


Holiday Lighting

Let’s light up your holiday spirit and make your vision a reality this season! Forget about climbing ladders, dealing with slippery roofs, or worrying about bad weather. We’re here to give you a fantastic holiday experience for you and your family

Why Lumenex is the Preferred Outdoor Lighting Company in Annapolis, MD

Certified Designers and Installers

Our team of certified designers and installers maintain their proficiency by attending continuous training events to ensure they keep up with industry standards and most efficient practices.

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

Although we take great pride in our designs and installations, we take greater pleasure in ensuring our clients are fully satisfied with every aspect of their experience with us.

Industry Leading Products

We only use top of the line, and industry leading products that are sure to last. To give our clients further assurance, our products come with a lifetime warranty.

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More About Annapolis, MD

Living in Annapolis

Annapolis is a vibrant and historic city offering a high-quality lifestyle marked by a unique blend of modern amenities and rich heritage. As Maryland’s capital and the home of the U.S. Naval Academy, it is steeped in tradition and history, with a wealth of beautifully preserved colonial architecture that contributes to its charm. 

Living in Annapolis provides access to a variety of water-based recreational activities, given its location on the Chesapeake Bay. The city’s Downtown Harbor area, with its array of shops, restaurants, and art galleries, is an epicenter of cultural activity. Residents also enjoy numerous festivals and events throughout the year that celebrate the city’s maritime history and diverse community. Despite its historic atmosphere, Annapolis boasts a thriving modern economy and offers easy access to major cities such as Baltimore and Washington D.C., making it an appealing place to live for both professionals and families.

Things to do in Annapolis

Annapolis, Maryland, brims with a diverse array of attractions and activities, reflecting its rich history and vibrant cultural scene. A must-visit site in the city is the Maryland State House, the oldest state capitol still in continuous legislative use in the United States. Its construction dates back to 1772, and it served as the nation’s capital from 1783 to 1784. Visitors can explore its historic chambers, admire its architectural grandeur, and learn about significant events in U.S. history, such as the ratification of the Treaty of Paris. Guided tours are available, offering in-depth insights into the building’s history and its role in shaping the nation.

Another popular destination in Annapolis is “Ego Alley,” a colloquial name for the Annapolis City Dock. This narrow waterway is famous for its vibrant atmosphere and the parade of expensive yachts and boats that owners navigate through the tight channel, seemingly to show them off – hence the name. The dock area is lined with a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars, making it a lively spot for dining, shopping, and people-watching. Visitors can also enjoy a leisurely stroll along the harbor, soak up the views, or even embark on a boat tour to experience the city from the water.

The William Paca House and Garden is another gem in Annapolis. This beautifully restored 18th-century Georgian mansion once belonged to William Paca, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a former governor of Maryland. The house is now a National Historic Landmark and offers guided tours that showcase period furnishings and art, providing a glimpse into colonial life. The accompanying two-acre garden, meticulously designed to mirror the original 1770s layout, is a serene retreat with ornamental flower beds, charming outbuildings, and a picturesque pond. Whether you’re a history aficionado, a maritime enthusiast, or a nature lover, Annapolis has something to offer for everyone.

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